Membership Advantages

Membership Advantages


1. Analyses and researches are made and thus initiatives are taken before the necessary authorities in accordance with the professional demands, expectations and problems of our members and results are followed-up,

2. Members benefit from the professional and technical information and consultancy services in domestic and foreign trade matters,

3. Members benefit from the publications of our Chamber,

4. Members are promptly notified through our announcements concerning legislative amendments and business life,

5. Members have issued, controlled and approved Country of Origin Certificates as well as Certificates of Free Circulation,

6. Members have approved all the copies of invoices, documents etc. concerning imports and exports,

7. Experts are nominated and reports are drawn up when required for foreign trade transactions,

8. The necessary steps are taken for the settlement of disputes with foreign addressees and members benefit from mediation services,

9. Capacity utilization reports are issued and approved for manufacturer members and they are sent to the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey,

10. The conformance of invoices that are submitted to approval is verified,

11. We review and finalize the requests on monopoly and sole manufacturer documents, 

12. We register and approve heavy equipment,

13. We fix the current value of movable and immovable properties,

14. We issue commercial register certificates, activity certificates, certificates of legal residence, commercial representation certificates, circulars of signature which are documents based on the trade registry and are necessary and sometimes obligatory for making certain commercial transactions,

15. We prepare and approve all the social security forms of company owners, their partners and their authorized officers,

16. We approve mastership, journeyman, apprenticeship etc. contracts,

17. We inform members on job offers abroad as well as fairs and tenders organized abroad,

18. Members benefit from accommodation facilities with reduced prices in hotels situated throughout Turkey and they have a member identity card,

19. We reward successful companies,

20. We issue Force Majeure Document,

21. Members benefit from customary decisions taken in matters concerning our members,

22. Members benefit from seminars, panels and courses organized in accordance with their requirements,

23. We conduct studies with a view to advertising the historical and cultural assets of our district,

24. We allocate the conference room to our members on the payment of a small fee,

25. Members benefit from reductions as a result of contracts that are signed with companies carrying out activities in different fields,

26. We provide documents to public and private institutions that wish to make studies on different topics.